Artistacon’s Featured Artisans for 2019


Michelle Lockamy

Meet the official Illustrator for Artistacon 2019. If you like this years illustration please let her know by visiting her website.

Michelle Lockamy is an award-winning illustrator sailing between the realms of kidlit and fantasy illustration. Inspired by nature, fairy tales and art history, she aims to bring meaningful stories into the world that will help people remember how beautiful it is. She believes it is her duty as a visual storyteller to contribute to the dialogue of our human condition. Her work has shown in Philadelphia and New York, and has appeared in a variety of publications and games.

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Ryan Onorato

Ryan Onorato was born and raised in a small town in Southern New Jersey, where he spent a lot of time outdoors with his friends. At the age of 8, he found his passion for comics and cartoons, as well as telling a good story.

Ryan graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) in Baltimore, where he received a BFA in illustration. His artwork has appeared in publications such as the B Free Daily (Baltimore Sun Media Group), Concrete Wave - 100% Skateboarding, and on signage for major retailers. He recently completed his first graphic novel "Pizza Tree"; published by Artistacomics in association with Arcana Studios. Ryan currently works as a Creative Manager for CID Entertainment in Philadelphia, PA. His artwork is heavily influenced by the skate and surf cultures, as he will swear he was born on the wrong coast.

In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, skateboarding, playing drums, and spending time with his wife Ashley and their cats.

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Skye Bulluyt

Skye Bolluyt is a successful NYC based illustrator who is always ready for more freelance work.

By day, Skye Bolluyt is the Show Coordinator at 3x3 Magazine and by night, a freelance illustrator living and working out of NYC. In the twilight hours, Skye runs her own online shop, Midnight Skye selling daily manifestations of female empowerment and equality in the form of homewares and accessories. 

 Skye has had a broad focus accommodating many types of freelance clients. Because of this, her work has been published in a variety of magazines, advertising campaigns, and children’s books - the likes of Communication ArtsJuxtapozPortland MercuryCASS Contemporary, Growing IQ LLC, among others. Any prompt that that hypes inner strength, female and youth empowerment, and equality, Skye is stoked to help out with photoshop brushes in digital hand. 

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