A Special Thanks to Rich Harrington

Without Rich Artistacon 2019 most likely wouldn’t have happened, and without question it wouldn’t be at the amazing venue that is the Moore College of Art and Design. The staff of Artistacon are eternally grateful for all the hard work and patience that Rich has shown. It is because of Rich that this year we can do what we do. While in the long run Rich will probably regret teaming up with us ragamuffins, before he gets to that point, we must to express our extreme appreciation. Thank you Rich, you really are the best! By the way he’s a darn good artist too!



Richard Harrington has been creating illustrations professionally for over 30 years. Originally from Utica, NY, after two years at Mohawk Valley Community College he attended Syracuse University and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. He worked as a freelancer illustrator in the Syracuse area for over 15 years until his wife and family finally had enough of the winters and they moved to the Philadelphia, PA area. They now live in Newtown, PA, and Rich is an Associate Professor of Illustration at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. 

He has created humorous and technical illustrations for a multitude of clients, ranging from publishers like Scholastic Inc. and McGraw-Hill, to General Electric and Chrysler. In addition to his assignments from clients, he currently creates a weekly sports cartoon for the Philadelphia Daily News, along with a weekly illustration for columnist Solomon Jones. In 2008, a collection of the astronomy strips he collaborated on with Jack Horkheimer for Odyssey magazine were published in a hardcover book, Stargazing With Jack Horkheimer.

Rich is the President of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, home of America’s oldest artists club 

www.sketchclub.org). Contrary to what his students say, it is not also the home of America’s oldest artists.