2019 Creative Adventures

Times and location details for all events can be found at the schedules link above or in the downloadable ARTinerary below.


Philadelphia Sketch club Drink, Draw, Meet, And Greet
Friday Evening 7pm–11pm, Philadelphia Sketch Club

What do your get when you mix models, art supplies, a boat load of cool creative types at one of the oldest most historic art institutions in the United States? Artistacon’s Friday night meet and greet.

Reckless Recess
Saturday & Sunday Afternoon, Lunch Break

A game created by Shaun Stipick and Jay Taylor, inspired by the amazing Reckless Deck and its comprehensive set of expansions. Teams called Reckless Roustabouts, consisting of 3-5 artists, team up and under the duress of limited time attempt to create the most imaginative and technically skilled sketch per round. A good ole’ dose of smack talk accompanies the teams while they create their original artwork. The audience votes on the pieces they like most and every round teams are voted off the Reckless Deck Playground and thus labeled the Reckless Rejects.

Rules of the Game:
–3–5 artists per team, we call the teams the Reckless Roustabouts.
–Every artist on each team draws an equal amount of cards from a shuffled deck and does not share their cards with anyone, including team members. Usually 2-4 cards per artist. Each artist should have an equal amount of randomly drawn cards to work from.
–Time limits are set by the referee. Usually one–three minutes per sketch per Reckless Deck car prompt..
–The first artist on each team chooses the medium. All other artists for that team must use that medium. Teams can not discuss the medium beforehand.
–All artists work on the same image. They work from through their first card only, each drawing one Reckless Deck card prompt per the time limit set. Cycle through all the artists then repeat until all cards are exhausted.
–Smack talk between teams is encouraged.
–The number of teams booted off the Reckless Playground per round is determined during each round by the referees. The audience chooses which teams stay in the game and which ones are Reckless Rejects. If there are no audience members at first, then the referees make the first-round decisions and the Reckless Rejects from all other rounds become voting audience members.
–The last Roustabouts' standing are the winners of the match.