What Is an Artistasalon?

An evening event that is part of the Artistaweekend celebration and conference, featuring incredible talent, organizations and events blazing artistic paths for the future, and the area and countries best educational organizations. Meet artists, experience new ways of thinking, purchase original artwork, and most importantly have the time of your life getting your art on! This will be an unforgettable event in the coolest venue imaginable, The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University’s Dinosaur Hall, we promise you’ve never seen an art event quite like this one!

Location: The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University
Date: March 23rd, 2019
Time: 7Pm–11PM
Price: FREE!


  • Mike Manley

  • Mark Morales

  • Clark Huggins

  • Carl Potts

  • Elizabeth Leggett Myers 

  • Phil Li 

  • Mike Capprotti 

  • Joanna Barnum 

  • Brittany Pezzilo 

  • Enrico Botta 

  • Lauren Nelson 

  • Jeremy Wilson 

  • Jon Sideriadis 

  • Piya Wannachaiwong 

  • Pat Shand 

  • Seth Polansky 

  • Ryan Onorato 

  • Lauren Walsh 

  • Skye Bolluyt 

  • Kahyia Parris

  • Lindsey Boncore 

  • Alex Dos Diaz 

  • Rachel Friel 


  • Michele Lockamy 

  • Kit Kazmier 

  • Jon Schindehette 

  • Dani Hedlund 

  • Crystal Sully 

  • Jim Bennett 

  • Tegan  Bellitta 

  • Christian Patchell

  • Melissa Lomax 

  • Joe Kulka 

  • Lisa Papp 

  • Mitch Bowler

  • Kevin Murphy

  • Dean Kotsakis 

  • Chris Jaymes

  • Gregery Miller 

  • Bianca Fanty

  • Kimberly Richards

  • Aubrey Brown 

  • Sarah Bush

  • Kerry Gillin–Schwartz

  • Arthur Hayword


  • Pencil Kings

  • Reckless Deck

  • Arts and Business Council of Greater  Philadelphia 

  •  Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

  • Bucks County Illustrators 

  • PIG – Philadelphia Illustration Guild

  • Camden Comic Con

  • Philadelphia Sketch Club


  • Studio Incamminati

  • Carlin Academy of Art

  • Moore College of Art and Design