The average symposium runs 1–3 hours in length.


Lauren Panepinto
Easy as 1.2.3.

1: Social Media/Self Promo
2: Portfolios
3: Contracts & Invoicing & Paperwork
You’re alone in an alley and the vermin of the seedy underbelly emerge from the cracks and crevices, they’ve chosen you as the unassuming victim. You drop the contents in your arms, your precious papers scatter, you scream, and turn to run. There’s nowhere to go, your path is blocked in all directions and miasmatic darkness has engulfed you. You’re sure this is it, you're going to meet your maker and there is no hope. “Yeah,” you think to yourself, “This pretty much sums up the life of a fledgling illustrator.” The world that could sustain your creative success seems overwhelming and more terrifying than a giant crocodilian man-beast. You shudder in defeat and call to the heavens for a sign. Miraculously a ray of hope appears. A shining green letter L on the silvery clouds above. Is it a vigilante crime fighter? A super-powered bearer of magical jewelry? Nope, it's much more useful…it’s Lauren Panepinto! An icon in the industry and a beacon of hope for aspiring illustrators across the globe. Her posts, articles, workshops, seminars, and professional generosity have created a legion of fans and there’s a reason why; she’s here to help you ace your next portfolio review, what to expect when working with professionals, how to handle social media, and get you paid. Everybody loves dollar bills ya’ll. Join Lauren as she gives you the advice you need most to drive your new creative career to new levels. For the record, while we can’t prove that Lauren moonlights as a vigilante crimefighter, let’s just say we haven't found proof she doesn’t, just saying.

Chris Oatley
Has Entered The Building...or Will Have on March 23rd

Does Chris even need an introduction? Creator of one of the most listened to podcasts in the world, founder and executive director of Oatley Academy, concept artist for Disney and other major studios, and inspiration to creatives everywhere. We're still working on his symposium but rest assured whatever he is going to present will be AWESOMESAUCE!

Jake Parker
We Have an INKling You'll Love this Symposium

You get an Inktober, you get an Inktober...You all get Inktobers! Jake Parker illustrator extraordinaire and creator of the international phenomenon Inktober will be joining us via the magic of the internet. We're still working on his symposium but we can assure you it will be better than a #3 series 7 with a full load of ink and crisp bright white piece of plate finish bristol board.

Neilson Carlin
Process Makes Perfect: The Art of the Sketch

Oodles of doodles! The yummy scrumptious blend of thoughts, designs, conception, and investigation all mixed together with a bit of tender loving care. Neilson Carlin, artist of the Holy Family Portrait for the Meeting of the Family in 2015 and grand liturgical multi-figure works demonstrates the art of designing a masterpiece from the initial conceptions to finished color studies and beyond, Explore the process of disegno and how it has been the muse of the masters for millennia,

Crystal Sully
C.L.A.W. – Creature Lifedrawing & Anatomical Workshop

Q: What do you do when a Rhodactus Glowing Tiger is stalking you on the prairies of Zaxterra 19935? Or if you stumble upon a herd of Wallumpfs grazing around the Hanging Marble Basins of Gillimunk? What if you scare a flock of Fanged–Toothed Marmoducks and they are intent on consuming you like you would a Philly Cheesesteak after a long night out?

A: Simple, after you’re through running for your life and maybe a tad bit of screaming, you whip out your sketchbook and preferred drawing medium and you get to work. Those exotic creatures aren’t going to draw themselves and you’re the worlds next imaginary creature concept artist superstar. Crystal can up your morphological game by showing you what’s going on underneath and just what goes into an amazing creature design.

David Palumbo
Reference Photography For The Visual Artist

Are wonky arms that bend the wrong way a problem in your latest grueling creation? Lighting that just doesn't work the way you imagined? Gnarled and hideous hands and feet? Look, let’s be fair, we all have had our fair share of appendage kerfuffles. There's a solution and Dave Palumbo has your prescription. A healthy dose of reference photography. Join Dave as he presents an overview of photo–referencing for illustration, covering basic camera operation, lighting, and general discussion on tips and best practices, as well as examples of application.

John Sideriadis
World–Building for Demi–Gods

You're reading Artistacon’s workshop descriptions and you stumble upon Zaxterra 19935 and think "who thinks of this malarky?" We do! We’re aware it needs a bit of work and admit our world-building skills need a bit of help as well. That's why you'll find us attending John's seminar soaking up all the glorious world-building knowledge he is going to drop. Join us as he demonstrates how to create compelling places you'll want to visit and other locales where you'll want to drop a danger beacon, warning other spacetime travelers to steer clear. After you have a solid grasp on your destination of choice, and all the creepy crawlies that inhabit your cosmos traveling vivarium, you'll need to know how to make them look amazing! John has that market cornered as well. I guess you could say this will be an EVOLUTIONARY workshop!

John SchindEhette
Creative Entrepreneurship

Ramping up your creative business mojo - tips and tricks to make your portfolio effective, improve your networking, ramp up your self- promotions and marketing.

Seth Polansky
1. Contracts for Creatives
2. Starting your Creative Business

Heretofore on the set date of the 23rd in the year of 2019, this day in the month of March, blah, blah, blah. Did we just lose you? Because, you know, legal stuff. The legalities of being a creative are daunting and so often it's hard to know where to turn. Well, Super Seth is going to kick down the legal door and help a creative out! We believe there is no better legal superhero to have in your corner and that is why we hired him to deliver the goods. Spending just a small amount of time with this savior of legal woes will demystify the intricacies of the legal world that us right-brained imagineers have to inhabit.

Carl Potts
The Art of Visual StoryTelling

All sequential visual storytelling media - comics, film, TV, etc.- are composed of three main creative elements: Narrative, Visuals and Sequential Visual Storytelling. This comprehensive seminar covers all three, but with a special emphasis on sequential visual storytelling. To learn what to show, and how to show it when telling your sequential visual story, you must attend this seminar! Join Carl Potts, the artist/writer/editor who discovered and mentored many of comics’ top talents, as he gives a concentrated symposium that will give you the tools to tell clear and compelling visual tales!