2019 Panels


Q&A for the Creative Entrepreneur
Dani Hedlund, Jon Schindehette

You have questions and they have the answers. A follow up open roundtable where you can pick their thoughts and develop your master plan to take over the world!

No Blackeye for the Bootstrap Guy (or Gal)
Fulfilling a Successful Kickstarter
Pat Shand & Crystal Sully

Don't let those nasty unexpected crowdfunding issues take you down and stomp your gourd, Judo chop them to oblivion instead. Imagine, your crowdfunded campaign is a success and you've made bank! You got this and know where you're headed because you're prepared to handle anything, thanks to the collective knowledge of Pat Shand and Crystal Sully. Talk all things Kickstarter and the crowdfunding game. Happy backers are days away.

Starting Your Creative Career
Michele Lockamy, Kit Kazmier, & SkyE BolLuyt

You're about to embark on your new career, just out of school, and you have big dreams. Then the world smacks you down! Nope, not today, in your dreams negative energy. Michelle, Kit, and Skye, successful graduates from Moore, are just beginning their creative journey and have cultivated successful creative careers. Learn from their success and failures, what to do and when to do it, who to talk to, rookie mistakes, when to duck, dodge, run, and a whole bunch of important newbie stuff. An open round table for all of those about to take the first step of a thousand.