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Easy as 1.2.3. – Lauren Panepinto

Location: Graham Auditorium

EASY AS 1.2.3.

1: Social Media/Self Promo
2: Portfolios
3: Contracts & Invoicing & Paperwork
You’re alone in an alley and the vermin of the seedy underbelly emerge from the cracks and crevices, they’ve chosen you as the unassuming victim. You drop the contents in your arms, your precious papers scatter, you scream, and turn to run. There’s nowhere to go, your path is blocked in all directions and miasmatic darkness has engulfed you. You’re sure this is it, you're going to meet your maker and there is no hope. “Yeah,” you think to yourself, “This pretty much sums up the life of a fledgling illustrator.” The world that could sustain your creative success seems overwhelming and more terrifying than a giant crocodilian man-beast. You shudder in defeat and call to the heavens for a sign. Miraculously a ray of hope appears. A shining green letter L on the silvery clouds above. Is it a vigilante crime fighter? A super-powered bearer of magical jewelry? Nope, it's much more useful…it’s Lauren Panepinto! An icon in the industry and a beacon of hope for aspiring illustrators across the globe. Her posts, articles, workshops, seminars, and professional generosity have created a legion of fans and there’s a reason why; she’s here to help you ace your next portfolio review, what to expect when working with professionals, how to handle social media, and get you paid. Everybody loves dollar bills ya’ll. Join Lauren as she gives you the advice you need most to drive your new creative career to new levels. For the record, while we can’t prove that Lauren moonlights as a vigilante crimefighter, let’s just say we haven't found proof she doesn’t, just saying.

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