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World Building–Jon Sideriadis


Location: Graham Auditorium

You're reading Artistacon’s workshop descriptions and you stumble upon Zaxterra 19935 and think "who thinks of this malarky?" We do! We’re aware it needs a bit of work and admit our world-building skills need a bit of help as well. That's why you'll find us attending Jon's seminar soaking up all the glorious world-building knowledge he is going to drop. Join us as he demonstrates how to create compelling places you'll want to visit and other locales where you'll want to drop a danger beacon, warning other spacetime travelers to steer clear. After you have a solid grasp on your destination of choice, and all the creepy crawlies that inhabit your cosmos traveling vivarium, you'll need to know how to make them look amazing! Jon has that market cornered as well. I guess you could say this will be an EVOLUTIONARY workshop!

Earlier Event: March 23
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